Trump Stretches The Truth About Terrorism

Donald Trump
Source: Fox Sports

Though Donald Trump cannot tolerate when others lie, has been caught in lies multiple times. A recent speech that he made in Ohio is no exception to the status quo for him. Knowing that people want to remove ISIS from power, he played upon their emotions with a speech full of lies and inconsistencies. Essentially, he used terrorism to promote his stated falsehoods and try to win favor.

He repeated his claim that he had opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning, although neither of the two interviews to which he was referring were actually evidence of that. He also blamed Obama for stating, “here’s our time, here’s our date” pertaining to the removal of troops from Iraq when that date was actually approved by President Bush, not President Obama.

In an attack on his opponent, he said Hillary Clinton was planning to allow 620,000 refugees to enter the United States within the next four years, although this was speculation from a Republican subcommittee rather than Hillary herself. He also made comments on the San Bernardino shooting, saying that a neighbor had seen “bombs on the floor” of the shooters’ home but refrained from reporting it due to racial profiling fears and that one of the shooters “very openly” endorsed jihad online when in reality these were private messages.

Stretching the truth is clearly not a big deal for Trump. He has lied about his foreign policy views, backpedaled multiple times on his views on abortion, and more. It is fairly ironic, then, that Trump does not tolerate lies when coming from others.

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