How Chumlee Tricked Us All

Chumlee’s Beginnings


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That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard

Austin Lee Russell was born September 8, 1982, and known by his stage name Chumlee.

He got his nickname Chumlee when he was 12 years old because of his broad face and chin. The kids in his elementary school took the name from cartoon character Chumley, Tennessee Tuxedo’s sidekick. He spent a lot of his time hanging out at the pawn shop with Corey, his father Rick Harrison, and grandfather, Richard Harrison.

He started working at the pawn shop when he was 21, five years before the filming of the first season of Pawn Stars, with his childhood friend Corey Harrison.

Often the butt of other people’s jokes, he is portrayed as the village idiot on the TV show despite his knowledge and expertise in pinball machines, sneakers, and video games.

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