The 10 Most Shocking Religious Ceremonies (That Still Happen Today!)

1. The Shiva-Loving Cannibals Of The Aghori



The Aghori believe that we can only reach the light by traveling through the darkness, which takes them to some pretty weird places.

The Aghori belong to a Hindu sect that worships the deity Shiva. One of the central tenets of their faith is that everything comes from God and that when something comes from God, it is perfect. This applies to things like awesome sunsets, but it also applies to things like filth, feces, and bodies — the not living kind.

The Aghori tend to live near graveyards, where they use the bodies of the recently passed as altars. In some cases, they have been known to eat the remains and then use the bones in their rituals. And that gray stuff covering the guy in the photo above? It’s ash. We’ll give you one guess which kind.


It is believed by some people that the Aghori have healing powers and can cure people by touching them. In our case, though, a touch from the Aghori would probably mean a visit from our preferred deity, Purell.

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