Katie Couric Sued for $12 Million for Defamation

Anchor of CBS Evening News, Katie Couric, takes part in a plenary session on empowering girls and women during the Clinton Global Initiative in New York
Source: Huffington Post

Katie Couric is being slapped with a $12 million defamation lawsuit by a gun rights group called the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), according to the Washington Times. At issue is what the VCDL asserts is a deceptive edit in a documentary that Couric produced and appeared in called “Under the Gun.” It was an attempt by a major figure in the mainstream media to defame a group of ordinary people in order to make a dishonest ideological  point on the issue of gun control.

Couric asked members of the group a question about background checks for gun purchases. The documentary as shown depicts members of the group appearing to be stumped by the question. In fact the question led to a several minutes-long lively exchange on the nuances of background checks. The deceptive edit was deliberately designed to make members of the VCDL appear to be foolish.

Also named in the lawsuit are director Stephanie Soechtig, Atlas Films, and Epix, the cable channel that is distributing the documentary. The plaintiffs are not only seeking $12 million in compensatory damages, but punitive damages, court and legal costs, and an injunction against distributing the documentary in any form that contains the plaintiffs.

According to a piece in Variety, Couric, who took the blame for the edit,  confronted Soechtig about the deceptive editing, but the misleading version of the exchange was allowed to go forward.

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