15 Innocent People Who Were Locked Up For Someone Else’s Crimes

2. Madison Hobley – Arson And Homicide


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Madison Hobley was accused of setting his apartment building on fire.

In January 1987, Madison Hobley’s apartment burned down, taking the lives of seven people, including his wife, their baby son, and his in-laws.

The cops told Madison that they wanted him to come to the station so he could help them locate the arsonist, but they ended up arresting him on seven counts of homicide. When he wouldn’t admit to the crime, that’s when the cops began torturing him.

Despite all the torture, however, Madison wouldn’t sign a confession. Not only could the cops not secure a recorded confession of his guilt, the evidence they had was flimsy at best. Even so, he was still convicted and sentenced to 13 years.

He was finally freed when the governor of Illinois pardoned 10 inmates who had been wrongly convicted, including him.

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