Cleveland Curse Finally Ends After 52 Years

Cleveland Curse Finally Ends
Source: HBVL

During those final few minutes of the finals, Cleveland wasn’t holding back, and their fans were roaring with support with every converted pass, and every shot they made. For a moment, it looked as if they were going trail behind. The final seconds ticked down and after 52 years, Cleveland finally won a championship.

10:37 PM marked the moment that the sports curse on the team was finally lifted. “The Drive” or “The Fumble” or “The Shot” were all things that took away the team’s chances of winning.

Queen’s “We Are The Champions” played in the background.

For the first time since 1964, on Father’s Day, LeBron James was able to help his team win the NBA finals. James helped his team win against the Golden State Warriors with a final score of 93-89. He was unanimously named the MVP.

“Our fans, they ride or die, no matter what’s been going on, no matter the Browns, the Indians, the Cavs, and all other sports teams,” James said. “They continue to support us. And for us to be able to end this, end this drought, our fans deserve it. They deserve it. And it was for them.

There will be a parade celebrating the Cleveland Cavaliers’ NBA Championship title on Wednesday at 11 AM outside of the Quicken Loans Arena. The parade will begin at East 6th Street and end circling The Q and Progressive Field.

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