• The Age Of AI Terminators Is Upon Us

    In the Terminator movie franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger explains that Skynet, the government’s AI strategic defense system becomes self aware and launches an all out nuclear war within a day. Apparently members of the U.S. Department of Defense are not Sci-Fi fans because they have created their first combat-ready military thinking machine. This new “terminator” has been running flight simulations against veteran combat pilots and successfully out maneuvering and outwitting them at every military turn.

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  • Is Pokémon Go Good For Science?
    Pokemon Go

    While some people skeptical about the ability of a mobile app to help make scientific advancements, it is undeniable that Pokemon Go has encouraged many indoor-dwellers to get a breath of fresh air, at least for now.

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  • 15 Countries With The Least Beautiful Women

    Lizzie Velasquez the ugliest woman in the world lives in Austin, Texas. Ugly people are everywhere, but we’ve asked our guests to tell us which countries they think have the ugliest women and these are the top 15 countries they chose.

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