• The Age Of AI Terminators Is Upon Us

    In the Terminator movie franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger explains that Skynet, the government’s AI strategic defense system becomes self aware and launches an all out nuclear war within a day. Apparently members of the U.S. Department of Defense are not Sci-Fi fans because they have created their first combat-ready military thinking machine. This new “terminator” has been running flight simulations against veteran combat pilots and successfully out maneuvering and outwitting them at every military turn.

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  • ISIS: Inside the Mind of the Madness
    ISIS Army

    All of us have seen the aftermath of an ISIS terrorist attack. Many times this extremist group attacks unarmed civilians in public places, seemingly striking at random for no better reason than to spread fear, chaos, and death. Well believe it or not, there is a method to their madness, a core set of twisted beliefs that allow them to rationalize and justify their actions. Here is the inside scoop on ISIS.

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  • Trump Stretches The Truth About Terrorism
    Donald Trump

    Though Donald Trump cannot tolerate when others lie, has been caught in lies multiple times. A recent speech that he made in Ohio is no exception to the status quo for him. Knowing that people want to remove ISIS from power, he played upon their emotions with a speech full of lies and inconsistencies. Essentially, he used terrorism to promote his stated falsehoods and try to win favor.

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