16 Stars You Didn’t Know Were Twins!

1. Scarlett & Hunter Johansson


Source: Bustle

 She might play a Black Widow in the Avengers series, but in real life, Scarlett Johansson plays older sister to her twin brother, Hunter.

Born just three minutes apart, Scarlett and Hunter Johansson have always been close.

Scarlett has been acting since she was a child and has scored notable roles like Charlotte in Lost in Translation and Mary Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girl. Although Hunter has appeared in a few roles as an actor and on many red carpets with his sister, he prefers the world of politics to entertainment.

He was a part of the campaign to reelect President Obama in 2008 and has worked for other politicians in the New York area.

Like his sister, he’s also pretty easy on the eyes.

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